GG Allin - Don’t Talk To Me

Parabellum - Engendro 666

Meet the Blogger

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url: chasmofobscurity 

name: Brock.

nickname: Ahhhh… I hate(but kind of love to hate it? You feel me?) it but my “friends” call me Bork

birthday: March 10

sex: Male

sexuality: I’m a big cisy. 

height: 5’11 (180 cm)

time and date: 11:41AM, Sept 1.

most used phrases: “Fuck” “Howdy” “Rad” and quotes from podcasts I listened to 6-7 years ago.

last thing you said to a family member: “Thanks” 

favorite beverage: Slurpees. (Slushies,frosters w/e). I’ll take’em any way I can get’em. Crushed ice and yum.

first word that comes to mind: Blank 

place that makes you happy and why: Any place with people with whom I can freely talk about both intelligent, high minded ideas and low brow stupid shit in the same sentence.  

number of blankets you sleep under: 1

last movie watched at the cinema: Swearnet.  

3 things you can’t live w/o: Books, Music, Cheesecake.

something you plan on learning: Bass,and I would like to give Norsk another crack.

piece of advice for your followers:  Be excellent to each other (Because, all we are is dust in the wind,dude)

Warfare - Generator 

fuck yeah, hanging with cool peeps and meeting a rad peeps for thee first time. + saw Deaner from FUBAR. good fuckin nite.

Word of advice/warning, smoking hangovers are a very real thing and they are out to get you.


Razor - Shotgun Justice

Still sealed and on its way to me :-)




1. turmoil; a state of great commotion, confusion, or disturbance; tumult; agitation; disquiet.

2. annoyance; nuisance; to be bothersome or troublesome.

Etymology: from French, from tracasser - to fuss about.

[Paul Rumsey]


Charger: “Desperadoes”

A late-NWOBHM entry, but a ripping trrack! A-side of their first-and-only vinyl release, a 7” single, Bosk Records, 1987


Black Feast

"If I have played my part well, clap your hands, and dismiss me with applause from the stage"
— Augustus Caesar  (via fistofthesatanist666)


The problem with an awakening is that sometimes you don’t get better. You just get to watch your bad habits with more clarity, and perspective.


there is not one search term here that isn’t magical


The Mongolian Woman

The above picture was published in National Geographic in 1913, part of an otherwise beautiful series by Stefan Passe from his travels to the newly independent Mongolia. The caption is simple: A Mongolian woman condemned to die of starvation. Yet, it’s not entirely clear that starvation was the woman’s fate.

Westerners had previously written of people placed in cages in Mongolian markets, where passersby could taunt and insult them as they starved. However, later reports described the cramped padlocked boxes as cells rather than methods of execution. Other reports claimed people would be locked in the boxes, unable to properly lie or sit, sometimes for years.

Some of the boxes were placed in public, where people could pass the prisoner food through the small hole. Those punished for minor crimes would stay inside for one or two weeks. Given the bowls on the ground around the woman, Passe and National Geographic may have been pessimistic with their assessment of the woman’s fate. (x)