In my mind reign thoughts
Thoughts on the past
Let us summon memories
And feel the burden last


Barathrum - Nocturnal Dance 

"Don’t be a slave to your own ignorance, know where your opinions, especially the strongly held ones, came from and be brave enough to question them"
— Dean Van Drasek  (via fistofthesatanist666)


damn bby u lookin fine


modified stapleguns confiscated from bahrainian resistance


Judas Priest 03 Revolution

2005. Angel of Retribution



Some pictures of my birthday, hangin’ with the bros.

the last one is still killing me

chasmofobscurity & braincell-battle & friendz

Hail - Let the Wolves lead you to Satan’s Glory

Anvil - Blood on the Ice

Spear of Longinus shirt, Shitfucker tape and a bunch of pins ordered,

Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central LA, Today was a good day (Shit!).


Black Crucifixion - Flowing Downwards 

Gospel of the Horns - The Satanist’s Dream EP